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Welcome to Synergy School Study Centre.

A unique environment for your unique child.

The world today is changing at a fast pace and we wanted to reflect this by creating and designing a 21st century learning experience built specifically to reflect the needs of the 21st century learner.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon

Kris Gray

Synergy Principal

Our students need flexibility to allow them to train any time of the day, and travel any time of the year. Our fully portable curriculum is built to provide 100% support.

  • Academic Studies Integrated with High Performance Sports Programs​ 
  • State of the art equipment
  • Modern Learning Environment
  • Passionate Professionals
  • Ages 11+

We pride ourselves on combining the optimal 

balance between Academic Achievement, High Performance Sport, Nutrition, Home Life, Rest, and of course Fun. 


what we offer

Our nutrition​


1:8 Ratio


​​​Synergy offers a place to support the study for a British Education  and also support the online learning for the Spanish Education. Both specifically

 designed for Sports Students

Quienes somos, y que ofrecemos en Synergy School



With a maximum of 8 students to one teacher every minute of their learning is focused. Targets are set, achieved and managed with increased efficiency resulting in achievement at an efficient learning pace.


Small classes and supported study sessions maximise learning and eliminate the need for home study.

Home can become a place for rest and relaxation allowing family life to take centre stage.

Our students place a high demand on their bodies each day both academically and physically. Nutrition plays a key part in optimising their performance. Our personailsed nutrition guide ensures that students eat balanced meals appropriate for their bodies and their sport. We locally source vegetables, fruit, meat and fish providing fresh produce for all.There will also be opportunities for the students to learn how to prepare the foods and what effects food can have on their bodies.  We believe that this knowledge and understanding will create the basis for a healthy and sustainable future.

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Synergy School

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daily menu designed by

our sport nutritionist