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As a young person growing up I wanted to be successful and I wanted this success to focus on tennis. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy learning it was that I loved tennis more. Now as TTA's founder and a father of two children myself I recognise and appreciate the power of education. I also applaud fellow lovers of sport.

It was my vision to be able to build a school that blended tennis and academic study. I believe that Synergy offers that unique environment; one that supports the training programme of young athletes whilst ensuring that the focus on academic progress remains rigorous and challenging. 

Our students want to be World Class Players and our school wants to be recognised as a World Class Education provider that offers a complete support system to players and parents who believe in doing things differently.

Our central belief lies in uniting the different strands of a young athlete’s journey to form a cohesive foundation with all strands of their ambitions working in harmony.

I am delighted to have been part of the vision that is Synergy and look forward to becoming a part of our students fantastic and unique pathways.

Kris Gray, Principal

  • 3 x Tennis Courts
  • 2 x Padel Courts
  • Kitchen and Power Up Zone
  • Gym & Dance Studio
  • Changing & Shower facilities



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  • 2 x Learning Pods
  • 2 x Interactive Booths
  • Chill Out Zone
  • Bean Bag Zone
  • Desk and SmartTV Zone


​​​Synergy offers a place to support the study for a British Education  and also support the online learning for the Spanish Education. Both specifically

 designed for Sports Students

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Synergy is the only school on the island of Tenerife that offers a flexible British based curriculum that supports young athletes. Our models of work allow young people the time they need to both train and achieve excellent academic results.

Synergy’s motivation is fuelled by a commitment to provide young athletes with a tailor made academic programme and support that meets their long term goals and short term needs.

We operate from our base in Chayofa, Tenerife with sea views and a 365 days a year climate for outdoor training.

We are a small school with a rich and diverse community. Many of our students have English as their second language but they share a goal to be the best they can be and then get even better. It is this focus that gives Synergy its very special and dynamic atmosphere. 

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Synergy School

Calle El Morro No.2

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