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Being able to communicate fluently in English is very valuable. Being bi-lingual in Spanish and English is a huge advantage. Add a third or even fourth language and a whole world of opportunities opens up.

For students that join us and need additional language skills we offer an   ‘English Immersion’ programme, that allows them to catch up with their classmates. Similarly, we provide Spanish classes for those students who arrive at the school with little or no Spanish. All students take the IGCSE exam in Spanish at age 15, a year earlier than their counterparts in British schools.

In addition, all languages are tested using the Cambridge Language Learners system covering all levels from A1 - C2

We live in a world that depends on communication and collaboration

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​​​Synergy offers a place to support the study for a British Education  and also support the online learning for the Spanish Education. Both specifically

 designed for Sports Students

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