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The school travelled to Santa Cruz for a KS3 visit to the museum and a KS4 visit to the sculpture, art and incredible graffiti that Santa Cruz has to offer.

Our trip to Parque Garcia include an eventful encounter with a frog and a swinging contest!

The afternoon saw a chance to eat and shop before we returned back to the South.

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The challenge was a 400m uphill off road bike climb and then a rapid off road descent followed by a huge BBQ and then a 50kmph hair-raising bike ride back to the sports club. The question still remains for next year students ... Can you handle this much challenge?!

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Stars and Stripes American University Workshop

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Santa Cruz Art and History Trip - 8th Nov '16

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Pippa Lane visited us from Stars and Stripes Tennis Recruitment. She spent time with the students explaining the scholarship process and what life is like as a 'student athlete' in American Universities. She also completed a Q and A session wit them. Later in the day she ran a parent workshop. Both sessions were fantastic opportunities for us to see how our students can shape their futures.

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​​​Synergy offers a place to support the study for a British Education  and also support the online learning for the Spanish Education. Both specifically

 designed for Sports Students

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Synergy believes that learning can be acquired in all environments in life and should not be confined to the classroom. The trips and visits that we plan aim to develop in our students a love for the natural environment and engage their curiosity.

We hope that this gives prospective students (and their parents) a snapshot of some of the great trips we have planned for 2016/17.

Some of the activities, especially those of an academic nature, take place within school hours. However, some of the additional activities will be run at weekends and others as after school clubs.

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